False Eyelashes or Eyelash extensions?

Depending on the look which you want for your big day, your eyelashes can have a massive impact on what you want to achieve especially if you want larger lashes which you cannot get from your natural ones and mascara. For a thick dramatic look which is easy to do yourself, false eyelashes are the best, I recommend ‘Eylure Girls Aloud Kiberley Lashes’ (roughly £5 from Boots or Superdrug) as they are thick and flirty however they are not too thick to take the focus off the bride and I know from my own experiences, eyelashes which are too thick can ruin photographs.
Another way to gain beautiful lashes is eyelash extensions, where longer single eyelashes are added to each one of your own eyelashes. Eyelash extensions a more natural look whilst thickening and elongating your lashes. Although this is more expensive, approx £60-£70 and does take about 2 hours for a full set, they do last up to 3weeks and you can get infills for a lower price, approx £15. Here is a pic of Kitty with a full set of eyelash extensions, so pretty 
Helen xoxo