Good Foundation

As we all have different skin types, finding a foundation which suits is essential. I have struggled for years to find the perfect foundation, as I have combination skin which is both oily and dry. A good foundation sets the base for perfect bridal makeup and also hides all imperfections leaving beautiful smooth skin. Remember if you are having a spray tan done for your big day, have a foundation to suit your tanned skin. Also avoid pinky toned foundations and opt for a more yellow based one as it will blend to your skin tone more easily.
  • Dry skin; Go for a tinted moisturiser to get best results for your skin tone as heavy liquid foundations can be drying for your skin and sticks to the worse affected areas. If you need a liquid foundation use a good moisturiser before applying your foundation.
  • Oily skin; Go for a Oil-free, water based foundation. Look out for these buzz words when purchasing a foundation to suit your oily skin. If you are prone to spots use a liquid foundation rather than a powder.
  • Mature skin; Go for a hydrating, silicone based, brightening foundation to smoothen out wrinkles and cause a plumping effect. For the best look start with a silicone base over your moisturiser will result in long lasting, crease free makeup.
  • Combination skin; Go for a liquid foundation all over your face and neck to allow a smooth base. On oily areas gently dab a powder foundation with a sponge or brush, and finish with a finishing powder.
Hope you have found this helpful
Helen xoxo