Pearly Whites?

A recent poll has shown that people who have whiter teeth are often perceived as younger than those who haven’t. And as your wedding day is going to be one of the happiest days of your life, having a perfect smile is important – especially to ensure great photos.
Here are some hints to having a great smile :)
  • Visit your hygienist for a scale and polish
  • Get your teeth professionally whitened – you can get some great offers on GroupOn and similar voucher code companies for between £40-£50
  • Use a good whitening toothpaste such as ‘Arm and Hammer Whitening’ and ‘Theramed Perfect’
  • Avoid staining foods such as Red Wine, Coffee, Red Meats, Sauces, Tea, Sports Drinks, Berries and sweets.
  • Use Paula’s choice Brightening Up stick for a quick fix of whitening
  • Wear Pink or Red coloured lipstick – this enhances the whiteness of your teeth.
Hope this helps to gaining a beautiful smile on your big day!
Helen xoxo