You may Kiss the Bride....

Blistex Moisture Max
What would you do when the special moment comes, you have just become a wife and it is time to kiss your brand new husband and you have chapped lips?! As it is becoming colder and chapped lips are going to creep up on most of us we need to find a way of combating the crackles! I have found two fantastic products for gaining soft and beautiful, kissable lips which remove the horrible flakes. The First is ‘Blistex Moisture Max’ which is moistening and has exfoliating beads, you can find this from Boots or Superdrug. The second which is now quite hard to track down as Sephora no longer stocks it, is ‘Korres Lemon Lip Scrub’, however it is still available on Amazon Helen xoxo

Korres Lemon Lipscrub