Is a Wedding Dress Friendly tan really out there? Laurens Way, 8%.

Before and After
Following starting my quest to find a wedding dress friendly tan, I started with 'Lauren's Way' original spray 8% tan. Lauren's Way tan is by Lauren Goodger who rose to fame through the television show 'The Only Way Is Essex' (TOWIE).
Due to the show TOWIE where the cast are famed for their orange Tangoed look, I was pretty dubious about testing this tan. However I was suprised by my outcome.
The Tan did not smell, it dried quickly and most importantly I was a natural golden colour, like I had been on a weekend break to Marbella rather tan a beauty salon on the Jersey Shore.
day of tan      day 10 of tan
I also tested the following day 'Wedding Dress' test and although a little did transfer, it was only on the inside of my top which isn't too bad.
Wedding Dress Test
I have added a new aspect to my research which will be the 'Honeymoon Test' where I will see how long the tan actually lasts. In the case of 'Lauren's Way' tan, ten days later, the tan is still present however a little faded. You can find Lauren's Way tan at where you can buy the products to do at home, alternatively if you find a salon which does 'Lauren's Way' you can usually get a full body for approx £15.
Helen xoxo