Beautiful Bridal Lashes Tutorial

Eyelashes add drama and sexiness to your Bridal look, you can enhance your eyelashes by many different means - mascara, tinting, extensions or by false eyelashes.

False eyelashes are a quick, cheap method to make your eyelashes beautiful without having to visit a beauty therapist.
Before                              After

Here is a stage by stage tutorial on how to apply the perfect false lashes;

1. Choose suitable eyelashes for your wedding look, for weddings you want more natural looking eyelashes as you are going to have your wedding photos forever and you don't want to look back and look like you are going clubbing. I have used Salon System eyelashes in natural lash.

2. Use a good eyelash adhesive - I am a massive fan of the Duo eyelash glue, which is a safe latex adhesive which is most importantly waterproof so they will not budge no matter how many tears of joy you may have! Duo eyelash glue is used by most makeup artists and is recommended by MAC cosmetics.

3. Once you have found your perfect eyelashes and your suitable adhesive you need to measure up the eyelashes to your eyes and trim appropriately to fit your eye.

Measuring up
4. Apply the eyelash adhesive to the length of the eyelash strip, and leave to dry until it is tacky - approx 2 minutes.

Letting the glue dry

5. Using tweezers or eyelash applicators apply the eyelash strips to the base of the eye lid along the eyelash line. Once in the correct position, push down the lashes with your fingertips to secure them in place. I would recommend using tweezers or eyelash applicators as the less you handle the eyelashes the less oil which is transferred onto the strip which will make them less likely to stay in place.

Applying to eyelid

 And Voila you will have beautiful natural bridal lashes

Open                                Closed

You can find Salon Systems eyelashes (approx £3.99) and Duo eyelash adhesive (approx £4.99) on


Kitty xoxo