Lipstick and Lashes

The second most important thing for your wedding day make-up after your Wedding Lipstick (obvs) is your eyelashes. To gain thicker longer looking lashes we love eyelash extensions; we recommend for you to have semi permanent eyelash extensions instead of strip lashes. 

There are many different types of eyelash extension; but the main thing to remember is the individual lashes which are used are good quality.

Good eyelashes make your eyes look wider, sexy and almost natural.
Bad Lashes are thick and plastic looking which can make your eyes look dark, heavy and spidery.

We are HUGE fans of Lash Perfect Russian Layered Lashes. Russian Layering is a technique which involves adhering synthetic ultra fine lashes (usually 3 up to 5) onto one single lash. This layered effect makes the synthetic lashes 'Fan' out and make the lash look 3D and gorgeous.

It is a pricey process (approx £90) but it's worth it! Lashes last approximately 3-6 weeks so they can last from your big day through to the end of your Honeymoon.

Eyelashes by Jennifer at Beauty Reborn Manchester. Russian Lashes £85.

Kitty xoxo