Ask the Experts: What in your opinion is the most important part of a bride’s makeup?

After asking the best ways to keep the bride calm on the morning of their wedding we asked Susie, Jo and Sandra what is in their opinion the most important part of the brides wedding Makeup.....

"The most important part of the bride’s makeup is the first and last stages. Priming the skin to secure the base lasts and the foundation is flawless is key. Taking time to apply foundation and blending gives longevity which is essential for a full days wedding. Once all makeup is applied a setting spray should be applied to fix. The only thing you will need to top up is lipstick and make sure it's something fabulous like all the Love, Honour and Be True range."
Susie Bloice Professional Makeup Artist

"The most important part of bridal make-up is to "look like you"…’s you and it’s your personality go for a style that is "you".  This will mean you will look radiant, beautiful, and relaxed on your wedding day."
Jo Leversuch Professional Makeup Artist

"That's a tricky one to isolate however before even applying makeup a good skin prep with skincare products are essential as without this the makeup will not look as good. I like to use Dermalogica, Charlotte Tilbury and Shu Emura among others. Makeup that lasts all day and evening is vital and kissable lips using Love, Honour and Be True's fabulous shades, long-lasting and non-drying."
Sandra Cormack Professional Makeup artist

We hope you have found these tips handy with choosing your wedding makeup! 

Thank you ladies for answering our questions!

Helen & Kitty xoxo