Is a Wedding Dress Friendly Tan really out there? Su-do Tan 10% spray tan

Before     After

After hearing great things about Su-do tan, I was excited to do the Wedding Dress tan test with this particular tan.

The tan was easy to be applied, didn't leave any marks or patches. After leaving the salon I did not look like I had been for a tan which was a bonus as I was doing my Christmas shopping and even better the tan takes only 4 hours to develop!
The colour of the tan after being washed off, was natural and left me looking like I had olive skin with a glow.
Day of Tan        Day 12 of Tan
The tan lasted approximately 9 days being still quite strong, at day 12 it was barely recognisable which makes it definately pass the honeymoon test.
Slight mark under armpit
The wedding dress test was quite good with only slight marks just under the armpits which is also a bonus.

 You can purchase Su-do from for approx £15 for DIY Su-do tan, alternatively Su-do tan is very popular for Beauty Salons and a full body costs approx £20.

Helen xoxo