How to find a lip colour to suit your skin tone

Finding a lip colour to suit your skin tone is essential for your big day so here are some tips to find the perfect colour to suit you.
All skin tones have a warmth or a coolness to them - pale skin tends to be more cool compared to olive skin, however there are anomolies where some dark skin can too be cool - warm skin tends to have yellow undertones compared to cool skin tones which have red or pink undertones.
A quick way of testing whether your skin tone is warm or cool is by seeing whether silver or gold suits your skin tones, alternatively you could use swatches of blues or purples compared to reds or oranges against your skin to see which suits best.
Once you have discovered which skin tone warmth you are finding a shade which suits these skin tones is equally important.
For warm skin tones think coral, caramel nudes, warm rose pinks and berry colours.
For cool skin tones think blue spectrum - pale pinks, beige nudes and classic reds.

As a general rule lip colour has to be a shade darker than your usual lip colour.

Helen xoxo