Is a Wedding Dress Friendly Tan really out there? Sienna X 8.5% Spray Tan

I have been really excited to try the spray tan version of the Sienna X range following using their cream based tans at home for many years so this months wedding dress tan test was quite an exciting one for me.

The tan was really easy to put on, smelt only slightly but instead of the usual biscuit tan smell was surprisingly sweet smelling. The tan develops over eight hours which is quite a long time compared to the other tans which we have tested, however the wait was worth it as the colour which developed was a rich golden colour, and although the tan took a while to develop, it did not transfer onto my clothes at all which made the wait not so bad.
Before               After

The tan lasted at full coverage for five days and started to fade on day six, by day eight it was nearly gone.

This tan would be great for a wedding day due to the colour, however as it did not last the full ten days it hasn't done as well on the honeymoon test (although if you were off to a hot destination your natural tan would top it up anyway).
Day 6

You can buy Sienna X from their website where they even sell a tanning mist which is a great way to top up your tan at you can also find Sienna X at most beauty wholesalers. The Sienna X website also has a salon locator to find your nearest therapist who does the Sienna X spray tan.

Helen xoxo