Would you wear the same scent as your husband to be on your big day?

I loooovvvveee the range of Tom Ford unisex perfumes, especially Black Orchid with its sensual, attention grabbing scent. The scent contains Black Truffle, Ylang, Bergamot, Lotus Wood and Blackcurrant. This combined allows this sexy perfume to be both male and female; unisex perfume has grown up from the days of CKone.

Why wear a different scent to your partner on your big day?
Unisex perfume can allow you and your partner to have the same perfume to link you both to your big day and allow you to both after smell of the same scent which reminds you of your magical day.

The Tom Ford range of unisex perfumes include;
Black Orchid, Amber Absolute, Velvet Gardinia, Black Velvet, Tobacco Vanille, Oud Wood, Purple Patchouli, Bois Rouge, Moss Breches, Tuscan Leather, Neroli Portofino and Japan Noir.

You can purchase Tom Ford Unisex perfumes at House of Fraser and Selfidges for approx £95/100ml http://www.selfridges.com/en/Beauty/Black-Orchid-eau-de-parfum-100ml_453-3001058-T00601/ or Sephora online for $150/100ml http://www.sephora.com/black-orchid-P183301.

I wore Unisex on my big day and smelling my husband wear Black Orchid is my favourite.

Kitty xoxo

p.s Happy 2013