Looking after number one – Your skin

In the run up to your big day, you need to start thinking about number one – you! At the end of the day this means your skin. Here are some important steps to follow to gain that natural glowing bridal look.

With the changeable weather us Brits have, we need to make sure that on those sunny days, even if it is a little cloudy to wear an SPF – whether this is in your foundation or just a light amount of sunscreen before you leave the house (imagine being sun burnt or peeling in your wedding photos!).
Also if the weather is cool remember to moisturise – ensuring your face, knees and elbows are especially looked after so that if you are tanning the tan does not stick to your dry patches.

If you are working out in order to lose those last couple of pounds from your hen do and pre-wedding celebrations – remember to take all of your makeup off before you work out! Nobody cares what you look like at the gym or at your classes. 
If you wear makeup when you are working out, your body will try to expel heat and toxins, which will clog in your pores, making your skin hold all those baddies you need to get rid of.

Choose a good skin care regime. Start early – not a week before and find a product which suits you. Stay away from anything which includes alcohol (ethanol) or ‘aromatherapy oils’- these are not natural for your skin. 
The skin care brand which we would recommend is Environ, especially their AVST range which formulated exclusively for the International Market. These moisturisers contain vitamin A and antioxidants including vitamins E, vitamin C, Green Tea Extract, Honey bush and Rooibos Tea Extracts, Resveratrol and Beta-Carotene – basically lots of skin goodies! We have recommended this range to friends and family who have mentioned noticeable improvements and compliments.

You can get Environ from good beauty salons or http://www.chelleon.co.uk/environ-skincare?gclid=CMaptMS3grgCFQ_LtAod200AyA

Helen & Kitty xoxo