Tell us Your Love Story

Our Gorgeous Red Lipstick is named Love Story and since we have launched, although we are a bridal themed make up brand, our lipstick 'Love Story' has started a theme of being the beginning of real life love stories....

It started with my good friend Ruth, who in January the minute our website launched bought the lipstick 'Love Story' as she wanted to be our first purchase, later day I called her and she mentioned that she had met a guy who she was going on her first date with later that week. She said wanted to have a gorgeous red lip for the evening and our shade would be perfect..... six months on they are madly in love and planning on moving in together!

Our second story started with one of Jennifer's (our sister) clients, Jennifer works at Kitty's beauty salon in Manchester which stocks all of our beautiful lipstick shades. One of her regular Mani/ Pedi clients came in to prepare for a holiday she and her boyfriend were going on the following day, that day, after getting her nails done, she bought 'Love Story' to take on holiday with her. Two weeks later Jennifer's client came into the salon, excited and smiling, her boyfriend had PROPOSED!!! Jennifer asked for all of the details and one of details from that evening was she was wearing 'Love Story'!

These are the stories we have been told as they have been to people close to us, but if our theme for this gorgeous red is true, it really is a 'Love Story' in it's self.

Love Story is available via our website for £12!

We would love to hear your Love Stories

Helen xoxo